Ol' Reliable: 3 Longtime Toyota owners on why they just can't let go of their favorite cars

When a car is with you for this long, it's hard not to feel attached
May 19, 2021
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There's a reason why generations of Filipino motorists and families regard Toyota as a top-of-mind auto brand: It continues to live up to its promise of manufacturing quality, durable, and reliable cars.

So durable and reliable are Toyotas, in fact, that here in the Philippines, seasoned Vioses and Fortuners are an everyday sight. Whether for practical or sentimental reasons, many Toyota owners are willing to do whatever it takes to prolong their bond with their ol' reliable.

This is certainly true for proud owners Dorothy Bulan, Mikey Agulto, and Trina San Pascual, all of whom have a unique Toyota story that convinced them that they've found a keeper. 

"I can honestly say that my car has never let me down all these years." 

Six years ago, Dorothy, who is a digital campaign manager, bought at 2015 Toyota Vios with her sister Darlene. Since that fateful day at Toyota Calamba, Dorothy has enjoyed taking that Vios, which she named Ichi, on long drives. Her most memorable trips were to Bataan and La Union, and because of those trips, she grew confident in Ichi's durability and fuel-efficiency.

"Ichi is the [car] I learned to drive in," she says. "It has taken me to places I've always wanted to see. I'm very much attached to it."

However, it was only in the past year that she developed a deeper appreciation for her six-year-old car. "Ichi has served me very well for a long time, but even more so during the lockdown. It just wouldn't have been possible for me to go out and not feel at risk without it," she points out. "Even as I leave the house to buy necessities or visit my parents, I still have some peace of mind knowing that I'm safe inside my car."

Despite the miles on her Vios, Dorothy is certain that she'll never consider parting with it. "Maybe it's because I'm very diligent when it comes to maintenance checks, but I can honestly say that Ichi has never let me down all these years."

"My car and I get along so well because we know what we can offer each other." 

One look at the odometer of Mikey's 2007 Toyota Corolla Altis and you'll see right away that it's already lived a full life. "It was a second-hand car bought at an auto dealer back in 2016," shares Mikey, who is an advertising editor. "Mileage-wise, it wasn’t the youngest, but it made a really good impression because of its interiors. I actually named it Tito, because it feels like a tito car, which is great."

Driving a pre-owned vehicle entails a different kind of care, but it helps to have a nameplate that has a reputation for being durable and owner-friendly. "I think Tito and I get along so well because we know what we can offer each other. When it comes to running errands, driving to and from work, and the occasional trip to Tagaytay or Antipolo, this car continues to do its job," Mikey explains. "Of course, with an older car, you have to manage your expectations. That means driving with care, being mindful of the destinations you're driving it to, and doing maintenance checks before a long drive."

Much like Dorothy, Mikey doesn't see himself letting go of his Altis anytime soon, despite the years. "It still doesn't feel like this car is on its last legs. 
At this point, I’m no longer questioning its longevity and toughness. I’m willing to hold on to Tito for as long as it’s still practical."

"I have a bittersweet relationship with my car—just like any family." 

Trina, a content operations professional, purchased her Toyota Fortuner in 2011, at the behest of her dad, who has always been a big Toyota advocate. Shortly after, they named it Fort.

"Fort has been with my family for almost 10 years," she says. "I don't really know a lot about cars, but I had always wanted to drive an SUV. My dad was a big influence in our decision to get a Fortuner, and it ended up being a good fit."

The family's trusty SUV has seen a lot of good times over the years, including trips to Batangas, Zambales, Pangasinan, and Baguio, just to name a few. That said, it was also witness to one of the lowest points in her life. "My husband loved Fort as much as I did, so when he passed away, it felt like Fort was mourning with me," she recalls.

After having gone through so much together, Trina now considers Fort as family. "It's almost like a bittersweet relationship, but I've never thought of selling our Fortuner," she reveals. "Even at his age, every drive with Fort is a smooth and comfortable one."

If these stories are any indication, owning and driving a Toyota is an experience unlike any other. An ol' reliable that's with you for the long haul—that's the Toyota Sure Advantage.

The Toyota Sure Advantage represents Toyota's commitment to providing an excellent vehicle ownership experience. The Japanese automaker wants you to know that each of its cars are designed with quality, durability, and reliability in mind. Along with flexible financing options from Toyota Financial Services and Toyota Insure, this is why Toyota owners can expect to get great value.

But also, the Toyota Sure Advantage doesn't end when you drive out of the dealership with a new car—it extends well after that. Toyota Express Maintenance service, for instance, makes Periodic Maintenance a breeze, with one-hour complete servicing available at all Toyota Dealerships nationwide.

Overall, the Toyota Sure Advantage means to convey that owning a Toyota is uniquely efficient and, well, chill. That's a big part of why Toyotas are keepers, and their owners stick with them for years.

Follow Toyota Motor Philippines on Facebook and visit www.toyota.com.ph/tsa to know more about the Toyota Sure Advantage. 

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