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Readers share what cars they bought as an investment

Do you agree with this mindset?
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“A car depreciates in value the moment it rolls out of the dealership.” It’s likely you heard this from a friend or relative back when you were first deciding whether or not to pull the trigger on a brand-new ride. They’re not wrong, but there’s more to it than that.

When someone buys a car as “an investment,” it can mean either of two things. The first is that the vehicle he or she just bought will eventually become a collector’s item, drawing the eyes of moneyed car enthusiasts in the future.

Meaning number two is one that’s brought up less often when this debate comes up. Investment doesn’t necessarily need to mean monetary value. What we mean is, buying a car can be investing the money spent into other important things—like time if it means you can get around faster, or mental well-being if having a car results in not having to deal with the stress of a daily commute on public transportation. Buying a pickup so you can carry cargo for your business? That’s an investment as well. 

So before you go through what the “investments” our readers shared below, please keep this in mind. Oh, and let us know what you think regarding this debate in the comments.

Readers' investment cars

A 2016 Corolla. I used it on road and off-road to visit my patients in rural Texas. Very dependable and didn’t give me a headache. It is an asset for me because it brings money to my pocket.” - RJ Burgos

Secondhand 2006 Toyota Aygo. Invested so it can bring me to my office and home 120km every day. Return was great.” - Ansen Judit

My 2015 Mitsubishi Evolution X since it’s the last generation and they stopped production. So it is an investment.” - Prince Haron

I hope it becomes an investment. Hahaha! Toyota Mk2 MR2 USDM! Investment for my mental health!” - Roque Xerxes Gamis Torres

Toyota Corolla ’90 model, that small body. Served me for more than five years transporting patients to the hospital before we sold it.” - Bernard Opinaldo

This family has been loyal to Mitsubishi rides for almost 50 years

MU-X. I use it for family getaways and mostly, buying goods for my store. Kahit loaded, kayang kaya.” - Edwin Canovas Sr.

A vehicle, if used for anything other than generating income, is not an investment but a liability. I bought a pickup truck that helps me generate income for my business, it's being used for its intended purpose.” - Lucius Francis Natividad

"My all-around 2019 Innova since I’m using it every day and have been using it for my business. Overall good investment.” - Jeremy Triguero

1974 Toyota Celica fastback and 1985 Toyota MR2. Not exactly as an investment because I am keeping them for good! But value-wise, I believe they are a lot more expensive than when I bought them.” - Juanito Raymundo

Our first car: A thirdhand 1997 Honda Civic this year bought for an affordable price. Invested in it to bring products from Laguna to Mindoro and vice versa. Replaced some parts and the engine is still in great condition. Good buy.” - John Homer Alim

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PHOTO: Toyota
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