It's good to know a lot of drivers still park with a gear engaged

Better to be safe than sorry
by Drei Laurel | Feb 16, 2019
PHOTO: Jason Tulio

Anyone who's ever lived in a hilly area or along an inclined road knows the importance of parking with a gear engaged. Sure, the traditional handbrake might work just fine—until it doesn't. It's always better to be safe than sorry, lest you wake up one morning to find your ride totaled at the bottom of a steep slope.

With this in mind, we turned to Facebook to find out if anyone else still practices parking with a gear engaged. We're also happy to report that a ton of motorists still do this. Here's what you guys had to say:

Francis Bautista: "When most cars still had manual transmissions, when parked facing uphill, it's always in first gear. Then we also developed the habit of shaking the shifter to see if it was in gear before twisting the key in any car we got into. Otherwise, ka-kadyot."

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Melvin Lloyd Evangelista Casamayor: "Yes. It's a habit for us to engage first gear as we engage the handbrake. Nice to know some of the guys here engage first gear when parked uphill and reverse gear when downhill. I have to try it out t in such situations soon."

Clemente Alan Montalan: "First gear even if handbrake or parking brake is engaged so double ang safety. It's been a habit for decades."

Nicolai Retotar: "I live in Antipolo. I have seen many cars going downhill without its driver. Better safe than sorry, so that would be a yes!"

Richard Salcedo: "First gear whenever I park my car anywhere. And when I start a manual car, I automatically shift to neutral before turning the ignition on. Safety. Even if your handbrake fails, the car won’t move."

Gerard Lim: "Yes, out of habit. After switching off the engine, I engage the handbrake then put the car in first gear. I drive an automatic now, and the equivalent would be putting the gear in park, plus engaging the handbrake."

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Jake Robert Pasculado: "First gear when parked facing upward. If I'm facing downhill, I use reverse. Protip: This is also a security measure because the younger thieves are too dumb to drive a stick."

Phil Stevens: "Yes in gear. And I chock all of the wheels on a flat surface, just in case there is a slight breeze. If there is a post nearby, I will also attach a half-inch tempered steel chain to the tow hook. One cannot be too careful."

"One can never be too careful." We totally agree, though the tempered steel chain might be a bit much, Phil. Thanks for chiming in on the matter, everyone.

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PHOTO: Jason Tulio
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