Can you guess Pia Wurtzbach's first brand-new car?

We like her taste
by Drei Laurel | Aug 2, 2017

Pia Wurtzbach is once again drawing attention from the car community. This time, you might be glad to know that this has nothing to do with Marlon Stockinger.

Apparently, she's been driving around in an "old pre-loved car" for years. This is no longer the case though, as the former Miss Universe just announced via Instagram that she has finally bought her first brand new vehicle using her own hard-earned money. As any car guy knows, that's a pretty big deal.

"Iba pa rin pala talaga ang pakiramdam ng achievement na 'to. Yung makita mo yung pinaghirapan mo," her post reads. "This is my first brand-new car that's all my own"

Frankly, we're surprised it's taken this long. We figured one of the most sought after models in the entire planet would've already been cruising around in a luxury sedan or SUV from day one. The idea that she actually has to save up for one, just like us, only makes her that much more down to earth.

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Her ride of choice? She didn't say. But we're 99% sure that's the interior of a Toyota Alphard on account of the door panels and the seats. A car fit for a queen, we think.

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So the next time you're second-guessing paying for your new ride, just remember even beauty queens cruise around town in hand-me-downs and save up—albeit at a much, much quicker rate than us.


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