Poll: Would you leave contact details if you hit a parked car?

Honesty is still the best policy
by Drei Laurel | Mar 19, 2019
PHOTO: Jason Tulio

Manila’s busy streets are tight and packed to the brim with motorists zipping about. As such, fender benders are a common occurrence on the road. It’s pretty much part of the way of life around here.

Hitting a parked car, though, is another matter entirely.

It doesn’t matter whether a driver has left a car in a mall parking lot or a street-side slot—we expect such places to offer some semblance of safety and security. Returning to your parked car to find some random ding, scratch, scrape, or dent caused by a careless driver is a violation words can’t even begin to describe.

Thankfully, this is a situation easily remedied if the perpetrator simply takes responsibility and leaves his or her contact details so insurance can do its work. You would leave a card if you happened to accidentally damage a car, wouldn’t you?

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We certainly hope so.

In Britain, a recent survey found that one-in-five motorists would not leave their details if the damaged another vehicle while parking. The survey—conducted by YourParkingSpace.co.uk—results are alarming, more so considering motorists are required by law there to leave their name and address to anyone else involved in the mishap, as well as relaying these details to insurance companies.

With all this in mind, we ask: Would you leave your contact details if you happened to dent a car while parking?

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PHOTO: Jason Tulio
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