The Porsche Taycan could pave the way for a new era of performance

The electric revolution continues
by Drei Laurel | Sep 5, 2019

Porsche, one of the world’s most renowned performance car manufacturers, has entered the electric era.

The company’s first entry into electric cars, the Taycan, has been unveiled, and boy, is it an impressive machine. Its clean design is a thing of beauty, and its interior—with a plethora of futuristics screens and touch-based controls—is ahead of its time.

More important, its performance is mind-boggling: The Taycan Turbo S does 0-100kph in 2.8sec, 0-200kph in under 10sec. All variants can also run over 400km on a full battery (the Turbo will do 455km), and it’ll charge from 5% to 80% in about 23 minutes. Porsche’s first EV, ladies and gentlemen.

Top Gear deputy editor Jack Rix has had the privilege of a little alone time with the Taycan, and in his words: “This is an important car. It could be the car that defines all future performance cars.”

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So, can the Porsche Taycan live up to its hype and spearhead the brand’s foray into the realm of electric performance? We’ll find out soon enough. In the meantime, learn about the ins and outs of the Taycan in the Top Gear exclusive video embedded above. You can also learn more about the car here, and read about our first driving impressions here.

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