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OPM legend Raymund Marasigan will ride his bicycle to gigs if he has to

Image of Raymund Marasigan
PHOTO: Raymund Marasigan/Instagram

Sandwich frontman Raymund Marasigan isn’t going to let a little traffic stand in between him and performing for fans.

In a recent tweet, the OPM legend and avid cyclist asked his followers for the best bicycle route from Pasay City to Pasig City. The reason? He was hopping on two wheels instead of four so he could zip past traffic and make it to a Sandwich gig.

In a reply in his Twitter thread, Marasigan later shared that he opted to take the EDSA route. According to him, the journey took only around half an hour.

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“Carrying the bike in the Magallanes overpass. It only took 30 minutes from Pasay. Just in time for Sandwich’s set in Macbeth,” Marasigan said.

If you recall, Sandwich released a music video for Buhol Buhol in 2020 that featured Marasigan riding his bicycle through some of the busiest roads in Metro Manila. At the time, we called the song an “anthem for everyone sick of Manila traffic.” You can read more about it here.

It’s encouraging to see someone of Marasigan’s stature in the OPM scene actively promoting the use of alternative forms of mobility. Know of any other rockers who opt for pedal power instead of something motorized?

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PHOTO: Raymund Marasigan/Instagram
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