These RC crawlers will have your inner child begging you to buy one

"Real cars are a bit more expensive"
by Drei Laurel | Mar 11, 2017

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No, what you're looking at in the video above isn't the real thing. They're remote controlled off-roadersabout a tenth of the size and battery-powered. But you know what? Considering their scale, they're just as capable.

"I like them because they look just like the real thing," Madz Abubakbar, the owner of the slick little Land Cruiser you're watching, tells us. "Real cars are a bit more expensive." Amen to that, Madz. 

He continues: "I just love it because of the aspect of scale. The detail of it, it's as if it's the real car. Take a good photo of it and you wouldn't notice the difference."

The best part about RCs? Aside from the fact that buying one is cheaper than having to restore a classic 4x4, they're much, much easier to get a hold of too. Madz tells us they're locally available, and that you can buy them at plenty of hobby shops scattered across Manila.

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So, still can't find an old school off-roader to turn into a project car? Settle for an RC instead. Like we said, they're just as capable relative to their size, and as you can see, they're just as fun too.

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PHOTO: Chira dela Cruz
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