Would you still buy your childhood dream car if you could afford it today?

by TopGear.com.ph | Aug 12, 2021
ILLUSTRATION: Jaykee Evangelista

We all have that one car (or more) that we dreamed of back when we were kids. We’d buy posters of them or even Top Gear Philippines issues with those particular cars on the cover. Back then, all we could think about was saving up to eventually buy.

As we grew older, though, our responsibilities and priorities continued to change. Lucky for those who eventually got to buy their dream cars, but for many of us, we never got the luxury to do so, be it because of the lack of time or money. 

But assuming you did have both of those, would you still buy that dream car of yours? We recently took to social media to ask you guys exactly that, and we got some very entertaining answers. You can read on below to see a few of them.

350Z when I was a kid ’cause it was my favorite car in NFS games. Then in high school, I wanted an R34 ’cause of F&F. And now, what I want is an S15” - Dominick Alcantara Obatay


Austin Mini Cooper. ’Til now it’s my dream car.” - Christopher Celeridad

Lamborghini Miura SV. Pretty simple answer. If we're talking dream car now then that's a whole different story lol.” - Alan Clancy

It was a Lancer Evolution VI, and I’d still get that car.” - John Amil Remigio

Lamborghini Countach and... Tim Burton’s Batmobile! Hehehehehe” - Jeremy Triguero

1967 Chevrolet Corvette coupe with 427-430hp and a 4-speed manual. Was, still, and will always be my dream car.” - Jay Bee Dolosa

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34” - Daniel Agao Espiritu

Ferarri Testarossa. It’s also my favorite car in GTA San Andreas (Cheetah).” - Raymond Jön Sta Ana

Pagani Zonda, my favorite toy from Matchbox collection.” - Andrew Andalis

’Coz of James Bond, it’s a BMW 5-series, and thank God it’s not just a dream anymore!” - Tristan San Buenaventura

Mustang, used to collect empty packs of Marlboro for a raffle when I was a kid. My dad was a heavy smoker of that brand.” - Allan Tiu Repollo

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1976 VW beetle with plate number NHM 668. The car my dad drove and maintained since I was a kid ’til high school. Even drove it to school sometimes (takas ’pag wala siya!). Now I’m a family man and I’m still wanting that model.” - Michael Gabriel Abrenica

Telstar TX 5, my dream car in the ’80s” - Rommel Arnaez

An Evo... but got the Lancer EX GLS even though it is far from the Evo itself... but still happy and contented with its looks.” - Kerl Nichole Aquino

Suzuki Samurai, way back in my childhood days I always saw it driven by missionary priests through our muddy rural roads and it amazed me. If budget permits, I would buy a Samurai and restore it!” - Invic Tus

AE86 Trueno with panda color scheme and a ‘Fujiwara Tofu Shop’ sticker on the side—in Japanese, of course.” - Wyndale Wong


I would still buy a Nissan R34 and an AE86 Sprinter Tofu Trueno.” - Siesta Exia

Lamborghini Countach when I was in high school. I still dream of Lamborghini, but a Huracan naman... I ended up with a Porsche.” - Pedy Rivera

“[DMC DeLorean] That’s my dream car when I was a child.” - Hiarioanaira Quezon

I was obsessed with the Jaguar XK180 and BMW M3 when I was in elementary...
Today I’ll probably get a Hennesey VelociRaptor or a Torsus Praetorian... (gotta be prepared for a zombie apocalypse)” - Marc Richard Ellamil Arga

Lancia Delta Integrale from my Dad’s matchbox collection.” - Lyndon Carlo Surreda

Subaru Impreza. Blue body with gold-colored rims.” - Francis Carranza

Knight Industries Two Thousand.” - Terence Lee Pangilinan

Toyota 86. I have the money now but thinks it's impractical in Manila roads.” - Jal Laylo

Lamborghini Countach ’80s poster car! I ended up with an Innova. *cry-laugh emoji*” - Jeremy Triguero


What else would you add here? The comments section is still open.

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ILLUSTRATION: Jaykee Evangelista
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