Orange means ‘go faster’: The worst driving advice our readers have received

by Sharleen Banzon | Aug 19, 2021
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What’s worse than unsolicited driving advice? We’d have to say wrong driving advice, especially when dispensed by people who claim to know better given all their years of experience.

Some of these misguided tips are more outdated than outright wrong, but a whole lot of them are the result of bad habits that have been reinforced rather than corrected over the years. And others are...well, pretty much the automotive equivalent of old wives’ tales. So yeah, you can quit shaking your car while fully topping up the tank.

Recently, we asked our readers to share the worst motoring advice they’ve been given. Wash your hands before reading our pick of the comments below, because you’ll be facepalming at quite a few.


“When using an automatic vehicle use both feet: One on the brake and one on the accelerator.” – Don Perez

“Orange means ‘go faster.’” – Paul Anthony Villanueva

“Put the gear in neutral when you’re already moving, even if [your car has an] automatic transmission.” – Voltaire Delos Reyes

“Fight for your lane...never let anyone pass.” – Jude Michael

Nag-signal light. Liliko yan, bilisan mo.” – Redge Dy

“When you are already driving at 100kph, it’s okay to stay in the left lane.” – Jun Perez (No, it’s not—you can get apprehended for it, actually.)

“You can park anywhere, basta naka-hazard.” – Erwin Ric (Try that on a bike lane these days and you’ll get a ticket.)

“‘R’ means Racing Mode.” – Ferdie Del Valle

Automatics are for non-car guys. – Karl Ceballos

“Just press the clutch when descending a slope and put the gearshift from fifth all the way to first gear to do engine braking.” – Jeffrey Lao

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“You can shift from fourth gear to first gear without going through second and third going to a full stop.” – Migo Enriquez (Here’s our tip sheet on this.)

“Shake the car during full-tank gas-up to eradicate the air inside.” – Rodel Rallos

“Use hazards light during rain.” – Ryan Abrogar (Once more for the people in the back, here’s why you shouldn’t.)

Di na kailangan ng thermostat, nasa Pilipinas naman tayo.” – Bjorn Vibar

“If one only changes two tires in a car, the two new tires should be mounted in the front.” – Pablo Reyes

Kapag naka-high beam ang kasalubong mo, mag-high beam ka din.” – Aljohn Oyam

Warm up your engine for 20 minutes. – Jay-r Fernandez

“‘Freon/refrigerant lang yan, lalamig na ulit.’ At lumaki na nga ang gastos.” – Amiel Royce Punzalan

Kapag pumunta ng empty yung gas, may 50km ka pa.” – Shams Ducusin

“A/T tires are for automatic cars only. Meanwhile, M/T tires are for cars with manual transmission...” – Martz Mayam-o Y Gordon


“If you press on the gas and brake pedals at the same time, your vehicle will take a screenshot.” – Gregor Ely Silvestre

Anything else you want to add? Drop them in the comments.

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