There are compelling reasons why people need dark tint

The motorists have spoken
by Drei Laurel | Dec 29, 2017

So about the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's (MMDA) plan to push for tint regulation, there are some pretty compelling arguments as to why it might not be such a good idea to drive around with clear windows.

We get that the agency's intentions are in the right place, and that there are indeed vampires motorists out there who go overboard with how dark their car's tint is. But Manila's streets aren't exactly the safest, plus it does get pretty bright and hot out during the summer. And if the feedback to our recent article on the issue is any indication, you guys share the same sentiments, too.

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It's still too early to judge though, as the MMDA has yet to issue guidelines or indicated just what kind of tints are allowed. With this in mind, we've gathered your comments and hope that the MMDA comes across them. Here's what you guys had to say about tint regulation:

Annallie Mae Yu

"There are people who are very sensitive to light. They are photophobic. That is why they need a darker shade of tint for their cars. Hindi naman lahat ng naka-dark tint eh para lang pumorma at mag-milagro sa loob ng kotse!"

Virgilio Aquino Punla

"Saludo ako sa inyo kapag lahat ng tinted car napaalis niyo, including congressmen, senators, mayors and artists, etc. I am using full tint not because it is a manyak tint, this is to protect my wife from rude drivers out there! I am willing to remove it, just ensure this will be a fair law with no exemptions!"

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Joanna Morden

"My car has dark tint because it makes me feel much safer, especially when I am driving alone. It serves as protection from sexist male drivers who think they can bully female drivers on the road. Also, a lone female driver is an easy target for criminals."

Rozelo Reniel Doctor-Opis

"Yown! Tuwang-tuwa mga riding in tandem at hablot boys dito. Mapapadali na trabaho nila."

Richard Macawili Singun

"Both my vehicles (sedan, and Montero Sport) have all-around tints but lighter tints on the windshield because I have a pretty wife who drives alone. It is for her safety. Me? I don't care because I can defend myself. And in our country the heat is hell—tints help keep the heat out from taxing the air-con system too much, from damaging the interior, and it helps those who are photosensitive."

Tholits Camacho

"Dapat only vehicles passing through the HOV lane won't have tint. Other vehicles with tint can pass through the other lanes. It's not a joke to change tint because of the price, and it's also for the car owners' safety."

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Ged Tagalicud

"Some people prefer dark tint to protect their loved ones. You know how the streets are these days. It's not safe anywhere anymore. When crooked minded (sic) people see that it's a woman driving or an elderly person, mas gaganahan pa sila. Before you go off and say that dark tint is stupid, try to understand other people too."

Wilson Co Chong

"Kaya nagda-dark tint, lalo na driver na babae na nag-iisa, para di ma-spot-an ng masasamang elemento. Hindi naman porket dark tint mayabang na, manyak na. Eh yung mga congressman na (naka) dark tints kaya nila sitahin? Or exempted sila?"

Jay Ann

"No! This can't be for private cars and lady drivers! Mas visible sa mga magnanakaw yung loob ng kotse. And hello, paano na pag summer? Ang init lalo ha!"

Peter Bertuglia Jr.

"There are a lot of reasons why we need dark tint. Security, privacy, protection. If they feel the need for us to lighten or change our tint, they better pay for it because I'm not spending more money on perfectly good tint that I already have."

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