The refreshed Mazda BT-50 is finally here

Another Japanese pickup to consider
by Drei Laurel | May 11, 2017

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The Mazda BT-50 has finally received a makeover. The updated pickup first surfaced way back in 2015, and it was introduced to the Philippine market at the 2017 Manila International Auto Show. So, was it worth the wait?

No performance upgrades here. Most of the changes revolve around exterior aesthetics, with Mazda making improvements to the model's head and taillight designs, as well as to its front grille by ditching the honeycomb look. The step boards now feature a new, tubular design, and it runs on updated 17-inch alloys, too.

On the inside, the company has given the BT-50 a more convenient parking experience by mounting the backing-up camera inside the rear-view mirror instead of on a separate screen. The changes are relatively subtle, but might be just enough to get the vehicle up to speed and compete with more modern competition.

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Of course, it'd be better if you could see the changes rather than read it. So we produced a short video featuring the new pickup truck. Press play and judge for yourself.


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PHOTO: Mark Jesalva
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