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Anyone else digging this Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution revival render?

Bring it back
PHOTO: Rain Prisk

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything regarding the Mitsubishi Lancer, let alone one coming out in Evolution guise. But now that the Japanese carmaker has made known its intent to revive the Ralliart brand, perhaps not all hope is lost.

If indeed a next-generation Lancer Evolution is somewhere down the pipeline, we wouldn’t mind if it looked something like this. Digital artist Rain Prisk—the same individual who graced the Internet with modernized takes on the Honda CR-X and the Toyota AE86—has resurrected the nameplate for contemporary car nuts. We like the results.

“After finishing the AE86 yesterday and wondering what should I do next, I stumbled on a @roadandtrack list of the discontinued cars that should make a comeback and found some good ideas there,” Prisk said on his official Instagram account.

“The Evo was the one that caught my eye and quickly started working on that. Gonna have to do a new WRX STI next I guess.”

No look at the rear or the interior, but what’s here is already more than enough to get us excited. Pronounced shoulders and wheel arches, a menacing face, hood vents, that iconic grille, a massive rear wing—this is definitely sticking with tradition, all right. At the same time, the mostly clean surfaces and the minimalist headlight design are very in with the times. We’d definitely be ecstatic to see something similar spearheading Ralliart’s comeback.

Please make something like this happen, Mitsubishi. Our wallets are ready for a revival. We’re tired of browsing auction sites thinking the only way we’ll ever own one is by throwing an illogical sum at a secondhand unit on an auction site. Agree? Let us know in the comments.

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PHOTO: Rain Prisk
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