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Should seat covers make a comeback?

Not just for their style, but for their potential use during this pandemic
PHOTO: Mike on Pexels

Once upon a time, car seat covers were actually in fashion, if you can believe it. At one point in their car-accessory lifetime, they were considered chic and trendy.

There were various designs to choose from. There’s the usual plain-colored fabric, and there’s the more textured corduroy. Of course, there were more absurd patterns like leopard skin prints, but those weren’t nearly as fascinating as the custom maong covers. Talk about trendy, huh? Regardless of which one you got, if you had seat covers then, you could call yourself in.

As far as I can remember, all the cars I rode in as a kid had seat covers. Back then, I really thought these sheets for cars were like clothes for us people—you should never leave home without wearing them. That’s how common these were back in the day.

The seat-cover hype, however, eventually dwindled over the years. That’s the case with most trends, anyway. That, or carmakers simply started improving the standard upholstery in newer cars until using covers became almost trivial. But we digress.

Now, as we were looking back on this particular trend from yesteryear, we started wondering: Is it time for seat covers to make a comeback? In light of this ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we these covers could be put to good use.

On top of having to wipe down our seats to disinfect our cars every time we come home, we could also remove the covers and have them washed every so often. If you had an extra set of covers or two, you could even use them alternately. 

Instinct would tell you to go to Google for an answer, but since we have our resident doctor, Raymond Figuerres to help us out, so we floated the idea to him. 

“I don’t think it will matter much if you used seat covers. Taking them off and putting them on will be too tedious,” said Raymond. “I’m not too anal about cleaning the car seats, but I do spray high touch areas and flat surfaces with car shampoo. I wipe them clean with a dedicated microfiber cloth, which I wash after. I reckon one hour parked under the sun produces enough heat to kill the virus on fabric seat materials.”

Okay, so we guess they won’t be making a comeback after all. But a little extra safety precaution won’t hurt right? And if they did make a comeback just for the sake of reviving old trends, would you join the bandwagon?

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PHOTO: Mike on Pexels
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