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17 Images: The Singapore Motorshow is car show models done right

Classy, as always
PHOTO: Drei Laurel

Let’s be honest here: In some countries, it doesn’t really help to have ‘car show models’ milling about at auto shows.

Not only do some exhibitors employ so many as to hinder serious professional camerawork, others also dress up their models so provocatively that these women begin attracting the wrong kind of attention—fanboys and oglers who have little to no intention of checking out the rides on display.

Sure, these booths may draw crowds, but not the kind you want. In 2019, scantily clad women handing out brochures only serve to paint the industry—one that’s supposed to be fun and family-friendly—in a negative light.

This is why we find it refreshing to attend motor shows that, well, aren’t living in the dark ages as regards how they treat car show models. When it comes to class, other events could learn a thing or two from the Singapore Motorshow.

This year’s staging of the event continues to show the industry how it’s done. Models aren’t objectified, and there isn’t an army of “photographers” and fans gawking at them at the displays.

Again, it’s 2019, people. It’s about time the industry puts the stereotype of skimpily dressed car-show models to rest.

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PHOTO: Drei Laurel
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