So you want to be a motorbike racer?

It's not a walk in the park
Jan 8, 2016
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What's it like to race motorcycles for a living? That's the question we asked champion superbike racer Anthony Roman. In our interview with the star of the motoring web series Castrol Power1 Accelerator, the young athlete talks about maintaining his bike, the importance of using the right engine oil, and what it takes to become a champion. Read on:

What's it like to race superbikes for a living?

There are plenty of challenges along the way, but no matter what happens, you have to fight. You need to be able to face whatever comes your way. Once you step on the race track, there's going to be mixed feelings. You get nervous and excited at the same time. The result may not always be favorable, but what matters is you do your best.

How do you make sure that your bike remains in tip-top shape?
The cleaning happens before and after I use my motorcycle. In fact, you have to clean it even when you're not racing. All the parts must be checked regularly. It's also important to customize parts. We make sure that things like the rear set, muffler, braided hose, chain, sprocket, and tires are at their best.

How important is the right engine oil to a professional racer?
It's essential to use a trusted brand such as Castrol Power1 to ensure that your engine and the parts inside it are well-protected. It also helps your motor reach its optimum power.

What's your advice to other riders who want to carve the same path?
It's simple. Own a motorcycle and a good set of safety gear. Invest in a helmet, racing suit, back protector, racing boots, and gloves. Know how to ride properly and join motorcycle clubs. But more than anything, you have to have passion.

What are some of the things you've learned from racing superbikes?
Discipline, dedication, and hard work. Always take care of yourself.

What’s next for you as a racer?
I don't know what the future holds, but I will do everything in my power to keep myself prepared for whatever comes my way.

To know more about Anthony, watch the last two episodes of Castrol Power1 Accelerator. Here's Episode 4...

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