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When it comes to outrageous antics, we'd like to think we've seen it all, thanks to the Internet and the mindless individuals who'd do anything to go viral. Well, apparently not. A follower of our Facebook page sent us an Instagram post that appeared on his mobile phone. The photo shows a guy driving a car with his left hand holding a phone to his ear and both his legs resting high on the dashboard.

The post indicates that the photo was taken on North Luzon Expressway, and includes the hashtags #cruisecontrol, #kidsdontdothisathome, #nlex, #roadtrip and #igfame, among others.

We find the photo disturbing, because it shows the great lengths some people would go to just for a minute of fame. Are we simply overreacting, or is this really idiotic?

Instagram post: Stupid driving on NLEX

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