Someone defines the term 'crossover vehicle' and it will blow your mind

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by Vernon B. Sarne | Aug 26, 2015

Honda CR-V

Thanks to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, we often feel like nothing can shock us on social media anymore. But the truth is that we still stumble upon surprises--both pleasant and otherwise--every now and then. Take this one for example.

We all know that a crossover vehicle is one that combines the attributes of two or more vehicle types to form a pretty versatile car. For instance, you take the chassis of a passenger sedan and give it the body of a funky SUV, and you have a crossover. Examples are the Ford EcoSport and the Mitsubishi ASX.

Unfortunately, it turns out not everyone got the memo. Including this dude.


Definition of "crossover vehicle"

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For those who do not speak Filipino, here's a rough translation of the amusing defition of "crossover vehicle":

Crossover means it came from another country, not because it combines the chassis of a sedan and an SUV. Like the [Honda] CR-V. It's a crossover vehicle because it's not just in Asia that you will see it; you'll find one in any part of the world. Unlike the [Mitsubishi] Adventure AUV. It's an Asian utility vehicle because it was released only in Asia.

That's why it pays to read, guys. And visit our website (apologies for the self-promotion).

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