The bigger, badder SUV look

Achieve it with the right tire and wheel combo
Aug 12, 2015
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A car junkie planning to transform a vehicle won't be stymied by the few options available but rather, he or she will be rather overwhelmed with so many parts available for customizing. Of those parts, probably the most customizable are the wheels. Depending on design and build, a new set of alloy wheels is sure to enhance a car’s appearance.

First things first, though: Do research before you go out to purchase a new set of wheels that are larger and more aggressive.

Often, it isn’t as simple as mounting the biggest you can get your hands on--you also need to make sure that the new wheel and tire combination suits your vehicle and its suspension set up. Usually, the bigger and badder you go, the more modifications you need to make for everything to work properly.

To underscore this point, Wheel Gallery managing director Sam Liuson presents a Toyota Land Cruiser, a highly capable and almost ridiculously dependable SUV for the outdoors.

Black Rhino “Tanay” in Machine Face and Dark Matte Tint (P34,000-P55,000)

Also available in Silver Machine Face and Matte Black with a Graphite Lip in a variety of sizes, offsets, and hole patterns. Select sizes are available in 5 hole 150 and 5 hole 127 hole patterns. Also available in 17in, 18in and 20in.
* 20in x 9in, PCD 6x139 et12 

Black Rhino “Columbia” in Matte Black (P55,000)

Black Rhino Philippines was able to get this wheel in a special and highly exclusive matte black colorway. It’s also available in Gloss Black 20in x 9in, PCD 5x150 et20.
* 20in x 9in, PCD 6x139 et12


Black Rhino “El Cajon” in Matte Black (P34,000- P55,000)

This is also available in 17in and 18in, -12 offsets, and select sizes in 5x127 et12.
* 20in x 9in, PCD 6x139 et12

Black Rhino “Mint” in Matte Graphite (P34,000-P55,000)

Another special colorway just for Black Rhino Philippines and also available in Matte Black and Gloss Graphite in a variety of sizes, offsets, and hole patterns. Select sizes are available in 5 hole 150 and 5 hole 127 hole patterns.
* 20in x 9in, PCD 6x139 et12


If you’re thinking of getting new alloy wheels for your ride, consider dropping by Wheel Gallery for professional advice and a nudge in the right direction.

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