Stuck with a lemon Jeep Grand Cherokee, this dude makes a funny music video

A hilarious way to protest
by Vernon B. Sarne | Nov 14, 2015

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As a consumer, the most tragic thing that could ever happen to a car buyer is to end up with a vehicle unit so bad it could pass for a "lemon," which the dictionary defines as "an automobile regarded as unsatisfactory, disappointing or feeble." It is every customer's wishful thinking that in such an event, the matter can be resolved as easily as bringing back the defective unit to the dealer and having it replaced.

But that overly optimistic scenario can't be farther from the truth. The hard reality is that when you have the misfortune of getting a lemon, chances are you're forever stuck with it--especially in a country where laws are as murky as your favorite pork blood stew.

And those who find themselves in this boat naturally get upset and overwhelmed with a desire to get even. We've seen disgruntled car owners spray-painting their faulty vehicle with cuss words and then parking said vehicle in front of the dealership to warn and shoo away other customers. Others launch into apoplectic tirades on social media that either go viral or portray their author in a bad light. These are very stressful actions, as you can imagine. And you have to wonder if getting a full refund for a car is really worth all the hassle.

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One man in Australia may have found a far less taxing (and infinitely more fun) way of "getting even" with the carmaker responsible for his lemon of a car. And that's by making a funny music video and uploading it on YouTube. Here's the backstory, in his own words (and in italics):

Hi, there. My name is Teg. I live in Australia. In October 2013, I bought a new Jeep Grand Cherokee for $60,000. This was a BIG mistake as it has been a lemon Jeep from the day I got it. It’s had numerous issues and has been towed a number of times. I no longer trust it to transport my family safely.

I recorded this song and made this music clip out of frustration, as the dealer and Fiat Chrysler Australia have basically told me to bugger off. I'm not the only person who has experienced major issues with Fiat Chrysler Australia. In fact, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission had so many people complain to them, that they took action in September 2015 and announced sanctions against Fiat Chrysler Australia.

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We have to admit we find the effort brilliant. We even love the song now--it's such an earworm. We actually hope it can be released on iTunes for download. Sing it with us: "I made a mistake I bought a Jeep..."

Watch the video.


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