Our readers share some of the expensive car repairs that they didn’t see coming

A lot of us have been there
by Leandre Grecia | Sep 12, 2020
PHOTO: Leandre Grecia

A lot of us have been there before: Your car starts acting up for whatever reason, so you take it to the nearest shop as soon as possible. The car’s still running, so you figure this should simply be a quick fix. You arrive at the shop with only a couple thousand of pesos in your wallet, only to find out that a damned part needs to be completely replaced… and that it doesn’t come cheap.

The worst part here is that as the car owner, you have no choice but to get the job done right then and there. Getting second opinions might not be the best idea, especially if you don’t want your car breaking down on you in the middle of nowhere just because you chose not to get it done on the spot. Besides, in most cases, you’ll be at your trusted repair shop already, anyway, in which case taking the already broken car to another mechanic won’t be an option.


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There are many different versions of this story, too. Sometimes, there’s actually nothing that needs to be replaced at all, and it’s the actual repair service that’ll cost you. It can happen to anyone and anywhere as well, regardless of whichever casa or local repair shop you’re at. And, of course, the said repair or the part to be replaced could be anything, from tire caps to car emblems.

Now, we got a bit curious about what scenarios exactly did you, our readers, find yourselves in, so we asked you to share with us your stories. The exact question we asked was this: “What car repair expense did you not expect to be so expensive?” Here are some of your answers, and we have to say, some were actually really surprising. The others, however, are just simply tragedies that we’re sure you just laughed off yourselves at some point. Anyway, read on below.

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A small dent and a P6,000 price on it! Urgh! Im screwed!” – Biboy Galera Saldevar

Did you know how much a Honda replacement key costs? P16,000? Yeah, that's right.... me neither...” – Emiliano Lorenzo Tanchico

Isuzu D-Max. 1 pair of small rubber bushings, 1,600 pesos.” – Weng Florentin

Timing belt replacement… *cry emoji*” – Philip Castro Medina

Transmission replacement.” – Paulo Alabado

Anything connected to the air-con.” – Iyan Manzano

The dreaded orange engine sign in a new VW Beetle.” – Kyoge Bear

Replacing 1 piece of lug nut costing 30 pesos. Pero hanep sa labor… 300 petot.” – Allan Jay Cruz

’Yung bearing ko ’di ko akalain aabot ng P4,000.” – Joebhert Robles

Rack and pinion replacement.” – Hernan Villegas

’97 Mitsubishi Lancer, air-con button light. 3,000.” – Karlo Quidoles

Injection pump... 2004 Isuzu D-Max.” Aldrin Vincent Melchor

Chipped bumper on my VW Beetle. They estimated me $1,200 (about P58,000) minus $500 (about P24,000) from insurance. Can’t afford so I did not get it repaired.” – Kaye San Pedro


Air-con compressor. P15,000.” – JM Daraug

Mazda 3 key fob at P21,000.” – Ken Fria

The whole goddamn engine... ‘it needs a new engine.’” – Andrex Knight

“Lahat.” – Mitch de Padua

Well, that last one’s relatable. We know our responsibilities as car owners to keep our cars in tip-top shape and get the repairs done whenever needed, but we also know that oftentimes, we end up spending more on taking care of our cars than we do on ourselves. And while we all try to budget our finances properly for both us and our toys, sometimes, there are just instances like these that suddenly blindside us, and the stuff you guys shared are perfect examples.

The best we can do to avoid these is to always see to it that our cars are always in good condition—by always keeping oil levels optimal, making sure parts like brakes and tires are never too worn out before a drive, among others. Even the basics like these will prove beneficial in the long run, and it’ll help lower the chances of us finding ourselves in similar situations or in any unfavorable circumstances in general in the future.


Do you have any more tragic car repair-related stories you’d like to share? The comments section is open.

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PHOTO: Leandre Grecia
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