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Survey: We asked women their favorite car features in their partner's vehicle


Women's favorite car feature

Gearheads can easily name one thing they love about their favorite automobiles. Ask them their dream supercars' power figures while they sleep, and they might actually be able to mumble the numbers. But how about non-enthusiasts? Or what about women?

We tried to find out by asking our lovely female officemates at Summit Media about the car features they appreciate the most in their boyfriend's or husband's car. One thing we learned: Size does matter to women.

* My boyfriend drives a Jeep Wrangler Sahara, and one feature that I appreciate about it is its size. It's a big car, which makes me feel secure in all situations and weather conditions. Also, the space makes it easier to transport stuff. - Cola

* I like that his car is an automatic-transmission one because we can hold hands. I also appreciate the Nissan Sentra's air-conditioning because it immediately cools the cabin once he starts the car. Compared to other old Japanese cars, its A/C cools the fastest. - Grace

* I like that his midsize SUV is big but rides like a sedan. I love the Kia Sorento's smooth ride whenever we go out of town, and the comfort it provides when we tackle the road bumps in the metro. The sunroof is perfect, too! - Heidi

* Oh, I love the spaciousness of the car and its comfortable seats. They feel very premium. Sitting on them is like sitting on our thrones as king and queen. - Insel

* What I like about it is its space, and I feel safe when I'm inside the car or whenever I'm driving it. - Knelle


* I'd say the fact that the Mitsubishi Mirage is tiny. In this age of worsening traffic, it's nice to have a small car that can zip through tiny openings in traffic jams. Parking is easier, too, since a small car can squeeze into tight slots. - Mel

* I really do like riding his Hyundai Starex because of its height and size. It gets flooded in my area, so it's convenient that he owns a big car. Oh, and there's a mirror for the front passenger seat, which is great when I need to make a quick lipstick check. - Sandra

Artwork by Jayson Willie Lansang


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