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Spec-sheet brawl: Volkswagen T-Cross vs. Geely Coolray vs. Ford EcoSport

Which would you choose for P1.2 million?
ILLUSTRATION: Andrew Guerrero

Just when you thought the subcompact-crossover segment couldn’t get any bigger, a new entry lands on our shores. Volkswagen Philippines has finally joined in the cute-ute party with its T-Cross. How will it fare against the segment’s popular and established models? Let’s find out.

In today’s spec-sheet brawl, we’re going to pit VW’s new T-Cross against the Geely Coolray, currently the segment’s most popular model, and the Ford EcoSport, the one that practically started the segment. For this comparison, we’ll be featuring the top-of-the-line variants.

All are front-wheel-drive and have gasoline engines, but each has its own unique setup. The T-Cross SE comes with a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated in-line-four that produces 111hp and 145Nm of torque, the Coolray Sport has a 1.5-liter turbocharged in-line-three that makes 175hp and 255Nm of torque, and the EcoSport Titanium EcoBoost is powered by a 1.0-liter turbocharged in-line-three that puts out 123hp and 170Nm of torque. The T-Cross and the Ford EcoSport both feature a six-speed automatic tranny. The Coolray, on the other hand, uses a dual-clutch gearbox.

At 4,218mm long, the Volkswagen is the shortest of the group, while the Geely at 4,330mm is the longest. The EcoSport is just 5mm shorter than the Coolray, but that’s including its external spare tire mounted on the fifth door; if measured from bumper to bumper, the Ford is the shortest of the bunch. At 1,760mm wide, the T-Cross is the narrowest, while the Coolray at 1,795mm is the widest. The EcoSport is just 5mm wider than the VW.

When it comes to the overall height, the T-Cross is the shortest at 1,599mm, followed by the Coolray at 1,609mm and the EcoSport at 1,656mm. The T-Cross’s wheelbase is the longest 2,651mm; this is 51mm longer than the Coolray’s and a whopping 132mm longer than the EcoSport’s.

When it comes to safety and convenience, all three offer the basic safety kit one would expect from top-spec variants like multiple airbags, ABS, and electronic stability control, but the younger members have extra features to set them apart. The T-Cross has autonomous emergency braking, while the Coolray has a 360-degree-view camera and auto park assist.

These three subcompact crossovers have remarkably similar pricing. The T-Cross SE and the Coolray Sport have the same P1,198,000 price tag. The EcoSport Titanium EcoBoost is the cheapest at P1,190,000.

Check the table below and let us know which one you would choose.

Volkswagen T-Cross 180 MPI SE AT

Geely Coolray Sport DCT

Ford EcoSport Titanium EcoBoost AT

Price (Philippine Peso) P1,198,000 P1,198,000 P1,190,000
Seating capacity 5 5 5
Engine Type 1.5-liter gasoline I4 1.5-liter turbopetrol in-line-3 1.0-liter turbopetrol in-line-3
Power 111 175 123
Torque 145 255 170
Fuel tank capacity (liters) 43 45 52
Transmission 6-speed automatic 7-speed dual-clutch 6-speed automatic
Brakes (Front/Rear) disc/ disc disc/ disc disc/ disc
Wheels 17-inch alloy 18-inch alloy 17-inch alloy
Tires 205/55 R17 215/55 R18 205/50 R17
Front suspension independent MacPherson strut independent MacPherson strut independent MacPherson strut
Rear suspension torsion beam torsion beam torsion beam
Seat material leather + Fabric leather leather
Infotainment system 9.2-inch touchscreen 10.25-inch touchscreen 8-inch touchscreen
Push start button yes yes yes
Auto Park Assist no yes no
Autonomous Emergency Braking yes no no
Airbags 6 6 6
ABS w/ electronic brakeforce distribution yes yes yes
Traction Control no yes yes
Electronic Stability Control yes yes yes
Rear Camera yes yes, 360-degree-view yes
Blind Spot Monitor no yes no
Dimensions (mm) 4,218 x 1,760 x 1,599 4,330 x 1,795 x 1,609 4,325 (w/spare tire) x 1,765 x 1,656
Wheelbase (mm) 2,651 2,600 2,519

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ILLUSTRATION: Andrew Guerrero
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