The data regarding traffic in Metro Manila is nothing to take lightly

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Nov 10, 2017
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Metro Manila has a traffic problem and merely acknowledging it does nothing to improve your situation. We've become resigned to enduring the daily slog, the hours wasted sitting still in gridlock; the disgust you feel when you look out your office window before heading home. And let's not even get started on finding parking. In this overcrowded city, the fight for vehicular real estate is a constant battle.

On average, car owners in Metro Manila spend 66 minutes in gridlock a day, plus another 24 looking for parking. Add it all up, and that’s nearly 23 days lost per year. Parking costs almost P100,000 a year on average, too. In Manila, four out of five car owners have missed or been very late to important events as a result of the age-old adage, “Ang traffic!” Is it any wonder that “Filipino time” is a globally recognized phenomenon?

At a recent event in Makati, Uber Philippines launched its campaign to #UnlockManila. A study commissioned by Uber conducted by the Boston Consulting group shows that 40-70% of private vehicles on the road could be removed if ride-sharing became a viable alternative.

A photo wall at Uber Philippines' latest event, showing what Metro Manila traffic looked like back in the day.

When we #RideTogether with Uber, every seat in the car is used. More passengers in each car means fewer vehicles on the road, which is a key for unlocking our city.

The video above offers an amusing but very real depiction of the daily reality of Manila’s residents. It’s absurd, at times cartoonish, but the message is very real.

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