The Mercedes-Benz GLB is a grand vision of the future

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
4 days ago
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If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that things don’t always go the way you expect. That new project, shelved. That new business venture, on hold. But there are opportunities everywhere for people who know what they want, and have a clear vision for how to get it.

Maybe, because of the circumstances, you've had to push back some aspects of that vision—that new house extension or that second condo. But as the economy opens up, one needs to hustle. And for the hustle, one needs wheels. The Mercedes GLB just might be the wheels you need. This isn’t just a car—it's a statement of your vision of the future, brought to life.

And life with the GLB is good. It’s the little things you'll notice first. The way parking attendants at hotels wave you towards that open spot closer to the door. Or the looks you get as you drive by. Twenty years into the twenty first century, and the fabled three-pointed star still carries a gravitas and respect that other brands struggle to match. And while it's certainly a descendant of the legendary Geländewagen, the Geländewagen Leicht B has a style that sets it apart from its contemporaries. Where most premium compacts pretend at sportiness or sleekness, the GLB aspires to being a true SUV, fitting of its heritage. Nobody is going to mistake this for a hatchback when you post it up on Instagram.

Underneath the GLB’s square-jawed countenance is a capable beast. A sophisticated 161hp turbocharged motor ticks away silently under the sharply creased power bulges on the hood, ready to propel you effortlessly down the highway. This 1.33-liter marvel combines the fuel efficiency of a small motor with the power and performance of a much bigger 2.5-liter engine. The seven speed automatic shifts smoothly and effortlessly, whether you’re gliding through the city or bombing down a mountain road. Cross-drilled sports brake rein in your speed smoothly and without drama. You may be sitting high up in a bright and airy SUV cabin, but the flat-bottomed steering wheel and suede and leather sports seats suggest otherwise. This is one Geländewagen that drives remarkably like a lower, sleeker Tourenwagen.

To entertain the rest of the family, the GLB comes loaded with high-tech features. USB-C ports in all rows give quick-charging options, as well as app functionality and access up front. Twin 7-inch data screens top a dashboard that looks more like a piece of German furniture than a car console, complete with aeronautical air vents and powerful high-fidelity speakers. A delight for both the eyes and ears, the vault-like silence and heavy doors isolating you from the outside world, allowing you to enjoy your music in peace.. And for further peace of mind, the GLB also comes with ISOFIX mounts for child seats in both second and third rows. This is one entry-level SUV that can grow with you through the years, adapting to your needs.

But one doesn’t buy a Mercedes simply because one needs a Mercedes. This is a brand that commands respect. Whether you’re pulling up at a cafe parking lot for a meeting with a client or parking at the beach for that long-delayed post-pandemic vacation, the GLB is an endlessly Instagrammable expression of your personal vision of your future.

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