The new Hoonigan video stars a Sasquatch and an 800hp Trophy Truck

A truly insane production
by Drei Laurel | Nov 11, 2015

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We just love Hoonigan videos. Because really, who doesn't? The cars are top-notch, and the production value is absolutely through the roof. Their finished products are about as cool as car videos can get, and the latest one is no different.

Hoonigan's most recent upload is entitled Sasquatch Hunter, and features Monster Energy driver BJ Baldwin and a Sasquatch named Bruce. Basically, Baldwin is hunting down Bruce, who apparently knows how to work a 4x4. Baldwin gives chase behind the wheel of his 800hp Baldwin Motorsports Trophy Truck, and what follows is pretty much what we've come to expect of a typical Hoonigan production: high speeds, crazy drifting, and a bunch of awesome jumps.

The sequence begins with a short off-road chase through the woods leading toward the heart of the city and a suburban neighborhood. The video culminates into a face-off between Baldwin and Bruce inside a dirt-filled arena, and the ending is absolute comedy. There's even a bonus scene after the credits.

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On a side note, we can only imagine the logistical nightmare they went through to close down all those roads and locations for a six-minute video. If it's any consolation to the people who had to deal with the sound of 800 horses revving at their doorstep in the morning, the final outcome looks pretty epic.

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