These are Ford Forza Triathlon Team’s favorite vehicles for training and race weekend

Tough trucks for extraordinary tasks
Sep 2, 2016
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When you have to conquer a 1.9km open water swim, tackle a 90km bike ride and cover 21km on foot, you would want a trusty and tough vehicle as a training companion. The vehicle should be able to transport you, your bike and training essentials anywhere and everywhere.

Gianluca Guidicelli, Ford Forza Triathlon Team’s head honcho, swears by the Ford Ranger pickup truck and the Ford Everest midsize SUV as its team’s favorite vehicles. “We can put everything inside, and go anywhere to train,” Guidicelli said. “We can load our mountain or road bikes in these vehicles, and these trucks can take us to places. They are very suitable for our lifestyle.”

Boasting a ground clearance of 230mm, the Ford Ranger can brave the uneven terrain where Guidicelli and his team train for off-road triathlons. The Ford Everest’s impressive trunk capacity can carry the team’s multisport training essentials and transport the members without worrying about leg room.

When we launched the Ford Everest, we kept saying it’s engineered for the extraordinary,” says Ford Philippines’ vice president of marketing and sales Minnie Valencia Bustamante. “And this sport—triathlon—is indeed extraordinary. So Ford and triathlon are a perfect match.”

To which Guidicelli humbly adds, “Extraordinary, but still ordinary. Because we’re ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” Indeed, the Ford Forza Triathlon Team comprises people from different age groups and industries. Gianluca shares that the team members are ordinary people living different lives, but they share a common sport that takes gruelling months of training before race day.

At the recent Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship Presented by Ford, the triathlon team fielded 10 of its members to conquer the half Ironman distance. The race started in the beautiful beach of Shangri-La Mactan with a 1.9km swim, a 90km bike ride in the windy island, and 21km run under the unforgiving heat of Cebu.

Despite the difficult race course, Ford Forza’s warriors soldiered on and proved that they are as tough as the American carmaker’s trucks. Each member who toed the starting line crossed the finish line before the race cut-off of 8 hours and 30 minutes.

Ironman 70.3 in Cebu is awesome,” raved Ivan Carapiet of Ford Forza Triathlon before the race day. “I expect it to be fun as always. My whole team is here. Whatever happens, I give my all.”

Ford has been very supportive of the team and of the triathlon lifestyle,” Guidicelli says. “The team wouldn’t be so visible if not for Ford. The company has given us a lot of exposure and recognition, and we’re very glad that we are partners.”

Likewise, Ford Philippines believes that forging an alliance with the Ford Forza Triathlon Team is an apt move. “Ford has always been known for trucks, and ‘Built Ford Tough’ is a very apt description of the Ford Forza Triathlon Team,” Minnie points out. The alliance was perfect because both Ford and Ford Forza Triathlon Team share the same advocacies, including that of encouraging a lifestyle geared to be healthier.

With the Ford Ranger and the Everest as their training companions, Guidicelli and his team believes they have a responsibility. “We commit to the lifestyle,” he shares. “I wish that everybody can try to swim, bike and run.”

Check out more photos from the 2016 Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship Presented by Ford below: 

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