These are the benefits of owning a diesel vehicle

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Dec 26, 2017
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When it comes to hauling passengers or towing heavy cargo, motorists have long relied on one simple and trusted tool: a good, reliable diesel engine.


Diesel burners are more capable than their gasoline-guzzling counterparts in many ways. For starters, these vehicles nearly always have more torque on hand, meaning diesel-powered pickup trucks and SUVs pack significantly more hauling power than gasoline-powered cars.


This is why diesel vehicles have a reputation as heavy-duty workhorses. They’re capable of performing whether you’re at the construction site or speeding through provincial highways, regardless of the load they carry.


No discussion of diesel benefits is complete without mentioning their efficiency. Diesel engines are capable of squeezing more kilometers out per liter of fuel than their gasoline equivalents. And besides delivering better fuel economy, diesel is cheaper at the pump as well—light on the fuel gauge and light on the wallet.


Finally, you can’t talk diesel without mentioning Isuzu. When it comes to diesels, the Japanese carmaker has long been a Filipino favorite thanks to its rugged pickup trucks and SUVs, efficient engines, and relatively affordable prices.


What’s more, the Isuzu Crosswind, Isuzu D-MAX and most recently Isuzu mu-X, have all garnered reputations as top-of-mind choices in the diesel market. With that in mind, all three models are available via low all-in down payment from December 1 to 31 thanks to Isuzu’s Christmas Low Down Deals holiday season promo. The Crosswind for as low as P40,000, the D-MAX for as low as P60,000, and the mu-X for as low as P70,000.


The promo also includes free three-year LTO registration, one-year comprehensive insurance, and chattel mortgage fees. Isuzu’s offerings tick all the right boxes: power, durability, practicality, and now affordability, too. If you’re interested in availing, you can drop by any Isuzu showroom for more details.


To know more about the promo, visit Isuzu Philippines: 

Isuzu Philippines Corporation has reached another milestone for having 30,086 total of units sold in 2017, and on the said year it has 263,470  accumulated sales in total.

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