These not-so-far destinations are great for newbie drivers

They’re all just an hour or two away from Manila (ADVERTORIAL)
Nov 20, 2017
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Are you a newbie driver? If so, congratulations! Welcome to the wonderful world of cars—you now hold the key (literally) to all the adventure that awaits.

But while you might be eager to hit the road, we urge you to be patient. Learning how to drive is one thing; becoming skilled enough to safely navigate uncharted territories takes time and practice.

Luckily, you can get your feet wet and go on mini-road trips—like the one you're about to see below.

1. Pililla Wind Farm. A good road trip should always have a nice destination. In the not-so-distant province of Rizal lies the Pililla Wind Farm, with its selfie-worthy blue skies and greenery—and, of course, huge, awe-inspiring wind turbines. It’s a great spot to take nice photos of your car, too.

2. ‘Tanayburgring’. This route in Tanay is popular among local driving enthusiasts for its open roads and the stunning scenery of the Sierra Madre. Our advice: take it at your own pace.

3. Tagaytay. Baguio might be a bit too far for newbie drivers, but Tagaytay fills in as a closer alternative if you’re looking for cooler weather. On a good day, you can reach the ridge within two hours—just in time for a hot serving of bulalo and some buko pie for dessert. If you want to stay a while, pick a spot with a nice view overlooking Taal Lake.

4. Pampanga. Good food is a must on a road trip, and Pampanga is heaven for foodies. A serving of signature Kapampangan dishes like sisig, morcon and bringhe will cap the ideal road trip. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try dishes like Batute Tugak (stuffed frogs) and Camaru (mole crickets).

Driving for hours can be exhausting, even for seasoned drivers. To beat driving fatigue, choose a ride that you can maneuver with ease. Mazda’s G-Vectoring Control (GVC) reduces stress in driving because it makes precise steering much more effortless, even for newbie drivers. GVC can make any road trip more fun and comfortable while increasing driver confidence. With less torso sway and fewer steering corrections to worry about, you can experience less exhaustion and more stability on your next road trip.

If you can't imagine how GVC works, visit Mazda's Jinbai Ittai Academy from November 23 to 26 at the corner of 38th and 9th streets, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, and experience it firsthand.

For more about Mazda's Jinbai Ittai Academy, click here.

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