These race car drivers reveal the secret to true speed

Straight from the pros
Aug 25, 2016
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For many, being a professional motorsport driver is the ultimate dream. Though majority of people have instead resigned themselves to appreciating the art of competitive driving from the sidelines, a select few have taken the risk and have since grown successful careers as professional motorsport athletes.

Living the dream
Pro race car drivers Allan Uy, Gio Rodriguez, and SJ Park are naturally enthused when the topic of motorsport arises, specifically because they've made the choice to live out their high-speed dreams. Each one is adept in his driving discipline—Uy is a multiple podium finisher of this year's Toyota Vios Cup; Rodriguez, a 2-time Lateral Drift champion; Park, the 2013 Winds Formula Philippines champ—excelling in events that require both mental and physical toughness. There's no doubt that their successes stem from hard work, discipline, natural talent and, of course, passion. "[Racing] just feels amazing because you forget about anything else that's in your head, and you're fully focused on what you're supposed to do at that moment," describes Park. The result, all three concur, is a Zen-like state that results in one thing: a faster time around the track.

Making the ordinary extraordinary
Uy, Rodriguez, and Park, through hard work, have achieved great feats in their respective motoring events. But before becoming pros and working on advanced driving techniques, they were also just like everyone else—normal guys who love cars and know what the responsibility of owning and driving one entails. In a way, each was able to elevate his enthusiasm for cars and transform it into a viable career. Off the track and out of their race suits, however, the three trade their race cars for daily drivers. And because of that inherent interest in anything auto-related, these guys know the importance of driving a car that is well maintained, safe, and loaded with a premium performance fuel. For them, the enthusiasm for driving and cars doesn't stop when the checkered flag waves. 

What makes all the difference
A similar comment resonates with all three racers: they agree that a key ingredient for success on the racetrack is a good fuel. "In racing having the better fuel usually means having the better car. If you have the better fuel, your car is performing at 110% instead of just 100%," shares Rodriguez. Uy adds another insight: "With bad fuel, you really feel that [the car is] so slow; the RPMs are high, pero yung pull ng car, mahina. So fuel really plays a big part in both racing and daily driving." A case, then, can be made that choosing the top-performance fuel in racing is also making the better choice for your daily driving. So, whether on the track or out on city streets, the fuel remains the constant, and a common denominator in achieving maximum performance from your vehicle, whatever it may be. 

A premium performance fuel is one that is ready for use in competition and, at the same time, versatile enough to unlock the optimum potential of a daily driver. When it comes to performance fuel fit for both racing and everyday use, choose Shell V-Power Nitro+. Formulated with a unique, double action formulation, Shell V-Power Nitro+ is designed to prevent and remove performance-robbing gunk from your engine. Aside from that, Shell V-Power Nitro+ leaves a protective film on metal surfaces, helping prevent corrosion on critical fuel system components. The result? An everyday performance machine fit for a race car driver.

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