10 Things only OC car owners will relate to

The volume always needs to be 'just right'
by Drei Laurel | Aug 10, 2018

Every motorist has routines or presets they would prefer to follow to the dot. Sometimes, they're biggies like being religious when it comes to their car's preventive maintenance schedule. In other instances they're negligible, like that Lucky Cat figure on the dash you glance at while you're stuck in traffic.

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There are also instances wherein we're not even actively aware of them. I, for example, often find myself fiddling with the family Toyota Fortuner's rearview mirror before driving out--even if I was the last person to use the car. And I grew up with a friend whose dad would hover his hand over the A/C vent every couple of minutes while driving.

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The point is, we all have our quirks. But it's a different matter altogether if your entire car ownership experience revolves around them, and when whether they're followed or not can make or break your day. If this is the case, you might be an OC car owner.

Not sure? Then check the list of traits below and determine for yourself.

By the way, just to be clear, we aren't referring to the clinical term Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which is an entirely different and much more serious matter completely.

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1) The volume and A/C always need to be 'just right'

By 'just right,' we don't mean not too loud/soft or not too cold/hot, either. We mean the dial always needs to be set to--depending on your preference--an odd or even number.

2) You hate it when someone messes with the driver's seat

The mere idea of having to reconfigure your driver seat's height, distance from the steering wheel, and recline, already stresses you out. Anyone who makes adjustments without telling you is in for an earful. This brings us to…

3) You will never let anyone borrow your car

Never--whether it's a valet, a friend, or even a family member. It's not that you're selfish, it's just that you know you're going to be pulling hairs out of your head as soon as they hand you back the keys.

4) Bad parking jobs make you cringe

Everyone hates seeing them, but OC drivers and regular motorists have different perceptions of a botched parking job. When you're parking, it takes you forever. And when you're in the passenger seat of a friend's car, he or she always wants to put duct tape over your mouth before sliding into a slot.

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5) "Punas agad" is your life's motto

You have an endless supply of microfiber towels and car detailing products on hand at all times, and you spend just as much time wiping surfaces as you do driving.

6) You spend way too much time examining your car

Run over a pothole? Step out, check for damage. Motorcycle suddenly cuts into your lane in traffic? Step out, check for damage. Parked in a tight space? Step out, check for damage. The list goes on, and it's hell because…

7) You notice even the tiniest of scratches

"What scratch?" your friend asks. You bend down and point to the bottom corner of your car's front fender. "Where?" he asks again, chuckling. Yeah, you're probably going to need a microscope to show him.

8) The center console is sacred ground

Absolutely nothing goes here. Receipts (and you keep a ton of them) go straight into a binder in the glove compartment, and coins go straight into your pockets. Cup holders? Forget about them. Your cabin is a no-drink zone.

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9) Waze is either your best friend or worst enemy

You either follow Waze or you don't. There's no in-between, no instances where you flip-flop on whether to use the app or not. Either you always use Waze, or you don't even have it on your phone and stick to your tried and tested route.

10) You enjoy it

Being OC is something you've come to embrace as a motorist. You take pleasure in all the wiping, cleaning, measuring and calculating. Shopping for microfiber towels has become a pastime, and hearing your friends complain about your obsessive nature is something you find satisfaction in.

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