This amateur car-chase short film is so bad, it\'s amusingly good

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Jan 12, 2014


So, some guy by the name of Michael Tan sent us the following message:

Are you guys wondering why our country doesn\'t have any good car-chase movies? There are some good ones from the action films before--especially those of FPJ with all the police-car chases--but I feel like I haven\'t seen one for a long time. The most modern car-chase scene I\'ve seen on today\'s television is from that Jake Cuenca teleserye. I saw that part where Jake was driving a sedan that was drifting as it was being chased by a bandit.

Summing it up, don\'t you guys ever wonder what it\'s like to see a Pinoy-made Fast & Furious? Being a multimedia student and an automotive monkey here, it bugs me a lot. Our country is evolving and is known for motorsports, too, but we haven\'t got good car-chase films. So I came to the point where I asked myself: Why don\'t I give it a try? By using an SLR camera, a tripod, a boom mic, and some friends for support, I gave it a try.

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My story peg is from the Need For Speed: Most Wanted game, but I tweaked it and transformed it into a Pinoy short film. Here is our short film entitled Harurot. It\'s not that good, but I hope you guys won\'t mind watching it. Give me feedback so I can learn from my mistakes.

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Guys, we\'ll leave the feedback-giving to you...


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