This cute girl can draw sports cars as well as the best in the business

Check out her drawings
by Vernon B. Sarne | Jul 3, 2013


Last Sunday, we received a photo of a car drawing from a follower of our Facebook page. The charcoal drawing featured a fourth-generation Toyota Supra. It was nicely done. The artist? A 23-year-old lady from Las Piñas named Azrel Balaque. She sent us the photo herself.

Naturally, when her fellow Top Gear Philippines followers saw the drawing and realized it was the handiwork of a girl, they reacted enthusiastically. Some of the comments posted:

\"I love her!\"

\"Does she have a Facebook or Twitter account? I\'ll follow her.\"

\"Top Gear, please make her draw cars for you--à la Pol Medina Jr.\"

\"An artistic girl that likes cars? She\'s a keeper!\"

\"Nice to see female petrolheads out there.\"

There was also one request:

\"FD3S Mazda RX-7 or R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R, pleaseeeeeeeee...\"

The following day, Monday, we got another photo from Azrel with the following message: \"I\'m done with the R34 that one of your followers requested.\"

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