This data provided by Uber gives a snapshot of Pinoy ridesharing in 2017

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Dec 20, 2017
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Ridesharing was a hot topic among motorists and commuters in 2017. More than ever, Filipinos used their smartphones to book rides in order to get around town. This has led to many special and memorable moments spent inside these vehicles. This year, data gathered by Uber proves just how valuable ridesharing is to our daily lives.

In 2017, one rider took an astounding 18 trips in one day in Metro Manila. Another did 13 in 24 hours in Cebu. It encapsulates just how important Uber has become to Filipinos, when you can trust an entire day’s transit on multiple rides.

And where have people been going? Well, Filipinos love to travel, so the places they’ve most frequented with Uber in 2017 include NAIA and various bus and port terminals. Speaking of travel, a user in Manila this year took an Uber in 25 different cities across the globe. In all, Filipinos booked and rode Uber in 566 cities across 80 countries worldwide. Talk about getting around! And of course, malls also a favorite destination among Filipino Uber riders.


It’s been an interesting year for drivers, too. This year, in the Philippines, three babies began life as Uber riders as their mothers gave birth mid-ride. Locally, one driver had to contend with a passenger leaving behind their tocino, longannisa, tapa, and rice meal. Another rode with a user who brought along their pet hedgehog.

One driver made 19 stops on a single Uber Pool chain. Others had to pick-up riders along NLEX and SLEX entries and exits, presumably because the ones who booked forgot to bring change for toll. One driver in Cebu ended up on a 153km trip just to reach one destination. Whoever said that driving all day in traffic is boring?


Right now, Uber’s #YearWithUber campaign allows you to see your own personal riding data from this year. It also analyzes your travel habits and determines your preferred riding style. Which rider archetype are you? To learn more about your 2017 riding stats with matching music and animated video, visit the official Year With Uber website.

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