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Former congressman explains the purpose of protocol plates

So because of all the online brouhaha generated by a young man bragging about his improper use of his father's protocol plates, a follower of our Facebook page named Vincent Lazatin sent us a screenshot of an excerpt from his July 22 Twitter exchange with a former congressman, whose name he deleted such that the identity was unknown.

In the excerpt, said politician gave his simple explanation of what the purpose of protocol license plates is: "It is to let your constituents know that you are around. It is tradition."


Curious to know the politician's identity, we went to Lazatin's Twitter account and scrolled back to July 22. That's when we discovered that the politician in question is Mark Cojuancco, the former representative of the fifth district of Pangasinan. His wife, Kimi Cojuanco, is the incumbent representative of said provincial district.

Even better than finding out the politician's identity was reading the complete exchange between Lazatin and Cojuangco. We'll let you read it and decide for yourself whether you agree with the former congressman or not.


Former congressman explains the purpose of protocol plates

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