This is how bulletproof cars are made

It's not a cheap conversion
by Drei Laurel | May 31, 2017

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Bulletproofingit's all that separates wealthy VIPs and high-profile government officials from eating hot lead in the event of an assassination attempt. But what exactly goes into turning a regular SUV into a fortress on wheels?

More than a few extra inches of glass, obviously. For starters, said glass is made from high-quality ballistic material, not just, well, regular glass. The same goes for other components of the vehicle, which is disassembled before being fitted with material brought in all the way from Europe. The whole process takes between 45 to 75 days, and adds a ton of weight.

Needless to say, your vehicle's performance takes a dip, and your warranty is most probably voided. What's more, that extra layer of security doesn't come cheap—in some cases, it actually costs more than the vehicle itself.

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Abril Tolentino of the Hi-Protect Armored Cars Corporation says most of the company's clients are politicians, businessmen, and diplomats. Watching the evening news, it feels like everyone should roll around in bulletproof vehicles. Would you consider getting one?


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