This is the traffic-related treat we've all been waiting for

Who would've guessed traffic and rewards could go so well together?
Aug 5, 2016
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Getting stuck in bumper to bumper traffic is not a novel experience for most Filipinos. Everyday, countless commuters and motorists slog through Metro Manila traffic, enduring hellish travelling conditions that reach their peak during rush hours. It’s definitely not a fun ride, with most commuters coming out the other end of the trip sweaty, irritable, and completely drained. It’s a horrible way to start or end a day, that’s for sure, but it’s a daily cross to bear for millions of Filipinos.

But last July 4, Smart came up with a way that made the grueling evening trip home a great deal more enjoyable by giving away thousands of gigabytes of free data to the lucky commuters travelling along EDSA and C-5. Smart’s B1G idea certainly snapped people out of their traffic stupor, as anyone within 5-kilometers of one of Smart’s billboards were notified by Waze or by text about the freebie. For four hours, from 6PM to 10PM, it was raining free data to all Smart prepaid subscribers in the area. With so much data at their fingertips, getting stuck in traffic wasn’t such a pain anymore and even hardened commuters caught themselves laughing in glee.

1GB of data is nothing to scoff at, after all, and can outlast the hours long traffic. Availing Smart’s GIGASURF 50 promo means getting access to the same generous 1GB of shareable data, as well as 300MB data for Iflix, Youtube, and more, to entertain you during the rush hour commutes. It’s valid for 3 days, which means 3 days of not being bored while stuck in a train, or in a bus, or even in a kalesa. Just text GIGA50 to 9999 and enjoy not having to count down the seconds as your ride inches down the road.

Check out the video below to see just how Smart got thousands of commuters smiling and forgetting the ordeal of rush-hour traffic:  

Make sure to stay tuned for the next time Smart decides to be like Oprah and start giving away gifts to anyone within the general vicinity. And don’t forget to leave a comment if you know another stretch of commuter highway hell that you think deserves a little Smart touch.

For more information on Smart's latest promotions, click here.

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