Together with Make-A-Wish and Peugeot PH, we took 2 ailing boys on RCZ joyride

They also got an RC toy car each
Aug 10, 2015

Make-a-Wish at Peugeot Philippines

Back in May, we announced that we were partnering with Make-A-Wish Philippines to grant the wishes of two young boys suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The boys--seven-year-old Alex Faisan and seven-year-old Joneyo Trogon--wanted an RC toy car each. And because they both loved sports cars, we also wanted to make them ride a real one.

And so we called on readers to donate to the Make-A-Wish foundation so the ailing kids could see their simple dream come true. A kindhearted dude gave two RC toy cars, while some deposited cash to the foundation's bank account. God bless the person who gave the toys. We don't know your name, but we're sure heaven will open its floodgates for you.

Also, when we looked for a car company to generously lend a sports car to take the boys out for a spin, Peugeot Philippines immediately stepped up to the plate and volunteered the gorgeous RCZ two-door coupe. Not only that, the local distributor of the French car brand even hosted an intimate lunch for the boys and their families (and our staff, actually) at its main showroom in Pasig City.

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After Alex and Joneyo received their remote-controlled toy cars, they then took turns riding the RCZ with our editors. When they were done with that, they were handed miniature die-cast scale models of the Peugeot sports car by the distributors' dashing officers.

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Watch the video and check out the photo gallery below to see how it all transpired.

Photos by Mark Jesalva


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Make-A-Wish and Peugeot RCZ

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