Stuck in traffic on a rainy day? Let these 15 OPM songs help get you through

Get ready to be hit right in the feels
by Jason Tulio | Jul 26, 2021
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There’s something about the rain that just makes you want to sit at home, put on some senti music, and chill out with a warm drink in hand. Perfect scenario, right?

Well, life is far from perfect, and we’re sometimes forced to hit the road during a downpour whether we want to or not. Fear not, loyal readers, because we’re here to help. Below are 10 songs to help you (literally) weather the storm. And because being stuck in heavy traffic on a rainy day is something many Filipinos can relate to, this list is comprised entirely of OPM songs. For the sake of variety, we’ve kept it to one song per artist. 

1) “Beer” - Itchyworms

Feeling heartbroken? Suddenly thought about the one that got away? Or do you really just want a cold brewskie? Whatever you’re feeling on a rainy day, this song will surely hit that note and then some. But please, whatever you do, don’t do as the song says and inhale exhaust fumes. 

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2) “Tuwing Umuulan At Kapiling Ka” - Eraserheads

Narrowing a song choice down to one track from Ely Buendia and his friends professional associates is always tough. We had to go with this one, though, because the title just fits the mood too well. Everything from its lyrics to its grungy riffs will almost make you wish the rain will continue forever. Almost.

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3) “Gitara” - Parokya Ni Edgar

Now something from a band whose friendship among its members is legendary. Chito and crew are usually known for their hilarious lyrics, but this one is a bit more serious and appropriate for a drizzle or two. Because when all else fails, strumming a guitar can be the best thing. 

4) “Kaleidoscope World” - Francis Magalona

Few OPM artists past and present could hit the perfect rhyme quite like the late Francis M. The ideas he sings about in this classic hit are as relevant today as they were in the ’90s. If you’re the type whose mind tends to deep dive when stuck in traffic, then this song will really get you thinking. 

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5) “Kathang Isip” - Ben&Ben

Here’s something a bit more recent. If you love singing at the top of your lungs while you’re driving—no judgement, promise—then here’s a song to really get you crooning. Guaranteed you’ll be stretching your vocal chords by the time the second verse hits. 

6) “214” - Rivermaya

Naniniwala ka ba sa forever? If the answer is a resounding yes, then here’s a melancholy anthem to lose yourself to. Because time may pass, and everything won’t last...except for the horrendous traffic you’re stuck in. So you might as well enjoy yourself.

7) “Jeepney” - Sponge Cola

Just the opening line alone makes you feel as if you’ve just stepped out of a jeepney and into a sloppy puddle that soaks your jeans up to your knees. Now that’s a pleasant image. Anyway, this tune’s heavy chords and even heavier lyrics will get you feeling every drop of rain down to your soul.

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8) “So Slow” - Freestyle

There’s a joke here somewhere about how the song is a metaphor for how slow your car is crawling through traffic, but we’ll let it slide. This classic is an enjoyable one to listen to, so maybe you won’t mind the gridlock as much once it’s done. 

9) “Forevermore” - Side A

If you got excited about two consecutive ’90s songs on this list, then congratulations, tito ka na. No matter, because this song remains as timeless as ever. Don’t believe us? Ask your neighborhood videoke place. 

10) “Ipagpatawad Mo” - VST & Company

Okay, if you got animated seeing this on the list, then we have just one question: Are senior citizen benefits all they’re cracked up to be? This song was famously covered by Mayonnaise in the 2000s, but we reckon the original is still the better version. We swear you can hear the band members’ ’70s bigotes through your speakers. 

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11) “Evidence” - Urbandub

Okay, back to this century. This tune describes something that no person should ever have to experience, but grim subject matter side, this one will fill your car cabin up just right while you wait for the stop light to turn green.

12) “The Day You Said Goodnight” - Hale

Remember the time when he or she walked out of your life for good? We hope the answer is no, but in case this song resonates with you, it’s okay. Ilabas mo yan.

13) “Sila” - SUD

This one kicks off with a saxophone, so you know it suits the downpour just right. Beyond that, it’s the kind of song that mentally transports you somewhere else. For us, we imagine we’re sitting in a smoky bar, drinking with our friends, laughing the night away.

14) “Tadhana” - Up Dharma Down

Oh, Armi. Your voice just sinks straight to our souls, doesn’t it? For this list, we chose UDD’s most popular track because it hits the spot in any weather, let alone when you’re trying to navigate low-level floods.

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15) “Paubaya” - Moira Dela Torre

The last entry on this list is perhaps the most tear-jerking, and that’s saying a lot. This 2020 song, which talks about being replaced by someone else, simply hits you right in the feels. It’s okay to cry while you’re behind the wheel. Just blame it on the bad weather. 

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