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You know what was a big deal? When the Toyota Tamaraw FX first got power steering

A true classic
PHOTO: Car Brochure Collection Ph

Ah, the Toyota Tamaraw FX. There are few cars that elicit such warm feelings of nostalgia like this one. If you have any recollections of growing up in the Philippines in the ’90s, then you would have no doubt seen more than your fair share of units puttering about your neighborhood. 

My FX story? My family purchased one in 1994, and it was the first brand-new car I had seen up to that point. It had such sheen, such class, and such modern features to a wide-eyed kid like me. 

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Facebook page Car Brochure Collection Ph recently posted a brochure of the updated Tamaraw FX from 1993, which featured one notable addition. 

First, a bit of background. The Toyota Tamaraw FX first rolled off a Philippine factory line in October 8, 1991 in highside pickup form. In December 1992, the wagon debuted as a passenger vehicle.

Toyota Motor Philippines followed up with an update for the top-spec GL variant a year later. This time, the popular wagon would get—gasp—power steering! Scoff all you want, young readers, but there was once a time when pawis steering was considered par for the course in driving. This updated Toyota Tamaraw FX Wagon GL meant that owners would no longer have to steer with an underhand grip. 

But what else did the top-of-the-line Tamaraw FX Wagon get in 1993? The brochure highlights goodies like stepboards, rear A/C, a digital clock, an adjustable driver’s seat, front disc brakes, and front seatbelts. Yes, the presence of front seatbelts was apparently brochure-worthy stuff in the ’90s. 

Powering the old FX Wagon GL was a 1.5-liter gasoline in-line-four (with a carburetor, naturally) that put out 64hp and 110Nm, with a max speed of 130kph. You could also get the wagon with a 2.0-liter diesel with 69hp and 125Nm on tap—the same engine that propelled the highside pickup. 

What’s your fondest memory of the Toyota Tamaraw FX? Sound off below. 

1993 Toyota Tamaraw FX brochure:

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PHOTO: Car Brochure Collection Ph
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