Behind the wheel of the manual 1.5-liter Toyota Vios

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by Jason Tulio | Dec 11, 2018

The all-new Toyota Vios will probably be another bestseller for the Japanese carmaker. That much is almost certain. The model’s market track record speaks for itself, after all.

And yet, the response to Toyota’s new subcompact sedan was mixed when it was launched a few months ago. Some complained that it was essentially the same car as before—it’s got a tweaked look, sure, but the engines were carried over from the last version. Others griped about the higher asking price. So what if it’s a new Vios? those detractors probably thought to themselves.

Naturally, we had to try out the different variants first before giving our own verdict. Here, we tested the 1.5 G manual, which may be a viable option for those looking for a daily driver with a bit more oomph than 1.3-liter offerings. It’s also worth considering for ride-sharing use. This is a variant you’ll probably see plenty of on the streets in the coming months.

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How does it stack up against other players in the oh-so-marketable subcompact segment? Click play on our video above to find out. Then, share your thoughts about the all-new Vios in the comments below.

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