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The 2017 Trans Sport show is home to some unique bikes

Plus the Moto Builds Pilipinas

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The annual Trans Sport Show isn't just for car lovers. If you're a fan of two-wheelers, there's just as much for you to see. A big part of the exhibition hall at the SMX Convention Center is dedicated to motorcycles of all shapes and sizes. 

While there are regular showroom bikes on display, you might also notice that there are some Frankenstein-esque two-wheelers propped up as well. These are the motorcycles comprised of different parts and accessories, making some of them almost unrecognizable from their original forms. That's because the show is also the home of the Moto Builds Pilipinas, a custom bike exhibition and build-off contest for bike makers. Its a competition of design and engineering skill, not to mention a treat for riders and enthusiasts. 

Press play on the video to check out some of the awesome bikes on show, and don't forget to visit the event before it finishes on April 23

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