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How to be a PC gamer while living the van life

This is the dream

The #vanlife isn’t for everybody. Driving from place to place and sleeping in relatively cramped quarters on a nightly basis? It’s easy to see why most people wouldn’t find this ideal.

The setup is probably even less appealing to those whose lifestyles revolve closely around a certain hobby or routine. Cooking and baking? Tough luck finding a place to fit an oven or five-burner stove in there. Exercise buff? The same issue, except this time it’s with gym equipment.

If, however, you’re a gamer, perhaps there’s a way to make it work. YouTuber TTTHEFINEPRINTTT shares how he’s able to bring his passion for gaming with him while living and working inside a van. Watch:

Basically, TTTHEFINEPRINTTT had to address three main issues: Space, power, and maintaining a stable online connection.

The first problem he was able to address by minimizing his setup to the confines of a high-end gaming laptop tucked away inside a drawer. The second he overcame with the help of some solar panels, batteries, and an inverter. The last one? He uses a pair of mobile hotspots with unlimited data, though he acknowledges this part of his setup still isn’t perfect.

Hey, at least if he finds himself with a shoddy internet connection, he can always drive somewhere with a better signal, right? Think you could make a lifestyle like this work? Let us know in the comments.

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