Video: A new 'car vending machine' opens up in Nashville, and it's awesome

It's coin-operated, too
by Drei Laurel | Nov 17, 2015

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A start-up in the US has come up with a brilliant and novel idea to make purchasing a used ride more convenient (and more fun) than ever before. The company's name is Carvana, and it has recently put up a new "car vending machine" in Nashville Tennessee.

According to a report by Fortune, the five-story automated glass structure can contain as many as 20 used cars, and features three delivery bays. Customers purchase their secondhand vehicle of choice over the Internet, after which they are sent a special Carvana coin to insert into the vending machine. Their vehicle is then automatically retrieved for them and placed into a delivery bay for pickup.

Yes, it's a coin-operated vending machine that pops out cars instead of candy bars and soda. The coolest part in all this is that you can see the structure at work through its see-through glass walls--just like a real vending machine.

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If you're having any doubts with regard to the quality of the cars, don't fret. Carvana vehicles must pass through a 150-point inspection process, and are guaranteed accident-free. Virtual tours of the cars are also available online, where customers are notified of any imperfections. If that's not enough to get shoppers reaching for their checkbooks, the company is also offering a seven-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. This is awesome for secondhand-car-shoppers looking to avoid annoying salesmen or shady dealerships.

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So, are automated car vending machines the future of car-shopping? Or is this just another novel fad that will eventually fade? Actually, we can come up with several different applications for the concept just by watching the video--automated parking towers being one of them. God knows we could use some of those here in the Philippines.


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