Video: Can 4 Fisher-Price Power Wheels F-150s carry a real F-150?

To see is to believe
Dec 10, 2014

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford F-150

Kids' toys aren't expected to last long due to the kinds of abuse toddlers subject them to. Toymaker Fisher-Price knows this too well, which is probably why its Power Wheels version of the Ford F-150 pickup truck can actually carry a real-life F-150.

Power Wheels is Fisher-Price's brand of battery-operated toy cars that children up to six years of age can drive up to 8kph. In addition, most of its toy vehicles are based on real-life models, like the F-150 you see here. Now, to demonstrate just how strong and tough the F-150 toy is, a 1,869kg full-size (read: real-life) F-150 was placed on a lifter, carried off the ground, and then placed on four Power Wheels F-150s. It's also to the real-life F-150's credit that it's over 300kg lighter than the previous model, thanks to the extensive use of aluminum in its body.

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