Video: How to teach discourteous drivers a lesson they won't forget

You seriously have to watch this
Feb 6, 2015

Stop A Douchebag

Do you often encounter rude drivers who have absolutely no regard for other people whatsoever? And do you often find yourself seething in anger because you can't do anything about it?

Guess what: The problem of discourteous drivers isn't exclusive to our country. It's pretty common in Russia, too. Which is why a group of young people decided to start a project called "Stop A Douchebag," a series of videos that document their efforts to educate ill-mannered drivers.

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In this particular episode, the group attempts to stop drivers from entering walkways meant for pedestrians. Once they see a car entering to pass through, they block it and ask the driver to back up and take another legitimate route. If the driver stubbornly refuses, they post a huge sticker on the car's windshield. The sticker says (in English): "I don’t care for anyone else; I drive where I please."

Brilliant! We wish somebody would have the balls to do it here. Watch the video.


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