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Video: Jay Leno takes out the engine of his McLaren F1

Something you won\'t see every day


A McLaren F1 is a rare sight; seeing its engine is an even rarer thing. So, when TV host and comedian Jay Leno decided to take out the 6.1-liter V12 engine of his F1, it was inevitable that a video of it would wind up on JayLenosGarage.com.

Apparently, in the 17 years or so that Leno had owned the F1, this was the first time the engine had been taken out of the car, with the denim-clad car enthusiast saying that this was the scariest thing he and his team had done in his garage.

Incidentally, Leno had a good reason to take out the engine since its variable valve timing system was supposedly leaking and needed to be replaced.

Besides the engine, Leno also gave us a glimpse of the car\'s fuel cell and the engine compartment\'s gold-foil heat shield.

Watch the video to see something that you\'ll probably never, ever see in person.


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