Video: Ken Block takes Gymkhana to the next level with Boobkhana

Shot in Japan, of course
Jul 24, 2014 Philippine Car News - Video: Ken Block takes Gymkhana to the next level with Boobkhana!

Ken Block was in Japan recently for his "Ken Block Nagoya Experience" event courtesy of his energy drink sponsor Monster Energy. As a matter of fact, the beverage's Philippine distributor, Crystalite Distribution, even ran a contest in February that awarded three lucky winners the chance to join FHM Philippines cover girl Ellen Adarna in a meet-and-greet in Japan with the famed race/stunt car driver.

Well, in what may be a nod to the Japanese culture's predilection for scantily clad girls coupled with the popularity of YouTube videos featuring well-endowed, equally scantily clad females being driven around in fast cars, Monster Energy had Block give bikini models Rui Kiriyama and Yukie Kawamura a ride in his Ford Fiesta show car around the gymkhana course. And for our viewing pleasure it seems, not all of the clasps of the passenger-side safety harness were used.

Check out the Boobkhana video below. With a title like Boobkhana! Part 1, we can only assume there will be a sequel in the future. And yes, this is still, not

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Photo from Ken Block's Facebook page


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