Video: We drive around in a shiny Mercedes-AMG GT S for a day

Simply stunning
by Drei Laurel | Oct 3, 2016

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Is the Mercedes-AMG GT S really the German carmaker's Porsche-beater? We haven't put that theory to the test yet, but we were able to have one shiny unit to ourselves for an entire day, and boy did it feel good!

Our writer JV Colayco sang nothing but praises for the vehicle, emphasizing the car's stunning sound despite it being a turbo. "There are really no bad cars nowadays, and this is one of them. It's absolutely wonderful to drive," he raved.

We'd still love to get our eager hands on a 911 to have them go one on one, just to settle things, but until that opportunity presents itself, you can watch the video above. The AMG GT S is also included in out October 2016 issue. Grab a copy to learn more about it.


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PHOTO: Elaine Villanueva, Chira dela Cruz
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