Video: The BYD Qin hybrid sedan can help you spook your friends this Halloween

You have to watch to believe
by Drei Laurel | Oct 31, 2015


Chinese cars, for the most part, are still regularly looked down upon as being poor in quality. Despite this, there are still a model or two worth checking out. Like the BYD Qin hybrid sedan, for instance.

Don't let this Chinese car fool you with its simple design and humble demeanor. It might not look like it, but the Qin is one of the coolest hybrid cars out there today.

The Qin features a powerful electric motor that enables it to run absolutely emission-free for up to 40km, and boasts a purported fuel mileage of 62.5km/L. Did we forget to mention that the Qin has a total of 300hp under its hood? Combine that with some of the coolest technology features, and you've got a tree-hugging techie's motoring dream come true.

But the neatest trick of this car has nothing to do with propulsion. Its best feature, we reckon, is its ability to be controlled remotely. Yep, you read that right--remotely. Watch the video below to understand what we mean. Let's just say it would be nice to have this car on Halloween just to scare unsuspecting passersby.

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